Zooey Deschanel

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Zooey Deschanel

Deschanel 2014-yilda
Zooey Claire Deschanel

17-yanvar 1980-yil (1980-01-17) (43 yosh)
Fuqaroligi AQSH bayrogʻi AQSh
  • Aktrisa
  • model
  • qoʻshiqchi
  • qoʻshiqnavis
Faoliyat yillari 1998–bugun
Turmush oʻrtogʻi
  • Ben Gibbard
    (turm. 2009; ajr. 2012)
  • Jacob Pechenik
    (turm. 2015; ajr. 2020)
Bolalari 2

Zooey Claire Deschanel (talaffuzi: Zoui Kler Deshanel; 17-yanvar 1980-yilda tugʻilgan) amerikalik aktrisa, model, qoʻshiqchi va qoʻshiqnavisdir. U aktrisa oʻlaroq ilk faoliyatini Mumford (1999) filmi orqali boshlagan. Keyinchalik, The Good Girl (2002), The New Guy (2002), Elf (2003), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Failure to Launch (2006), Yes Man (2008), 500 Days of Summer (2009).[1][2][3], Manic (2001), All the Real Girls (2003), Winter Passing (2005), and Bridge to Terabithia (2007) kabi filmlarda rol ijro etdi.[4][5] Shuningdek, 2011-yildan 2018-yilgacha Fox telekanalida efirga uzatilgan New Girl teleserialidagi Jessica Day roli ortidan Primetime Emmy va Oltin globus mukofotlariga loyiq topilgan.

Filmografiyasi[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

Deschanel 2012-yilda

Film[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

Yil Nomi Rol Izohlar Manba (lar)
1999 Mumford Nessa Watkins [6]
2000 Almost Famous Anita Miller [7]
2001 Manic Tracy [8]
2002 Good Girl, TheThe Good Girl Cheryl [9]
2002 Abandon Samantha Harper [10]
2002 Big Trouble Jenny Herk [11]
2002 New Guy, TheThe New Guy Nora [12]
2002 Sweet Friggin' Daisies Zelda Qisqa hajmli film [13]
2003 Whatever We Do Nikki Qisqa hajmli film [13]
2003 All the Real Girls Noel [14]
2003 It's Better to Be Wanted for Murder Than Not to Be Wanted at All Gas Station Girl [13]
2003 House Hunting Christy Qisqa hajmli film [13]
2003 Elf Jovie [15]
2004 Eulogy Kate Collins [16]
2005 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TheThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tricia "Trillian" McMillan [17]
2005 Winter Passing Reese Holden [18]
2006 Failure to Launch Kit [19]
2006 Live Free or Die Cheryl [20]
2007 Good Life, TheThe Good Life Frances [21]
2007 Go-Getter, TheThe Go-Getter Kate [22]
2007 Bridge to Terabithia Ms. Edmunds [23]
2007 Flakes Miss Pussy Katz [24]
2007 Raving Katie Qisqa hajmli film [13]
2007 Surf's Up Lani Aliikai (ovoz bergan) [25]
2007 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Dorothy Evans [26]
2008 Gigantic Harriet "Happy" Lolly [27]
2008 The Happening}} Alma Moore [28]
2008 Yes Man Allison [29]
2009 500 Days of Summer Summer Finn [30]
2011 Our Idiot Brother Natalie [31]
2011 Your Highness Belladonna [32]
2015 Rock the Kasbah Ronnie [33]
2015 The Driftless Area Stella [34]
2016 Trollar Bridget (ovoz bergan) [35]
2020 Trolls World Tour Bridget (ovoz bero) Kameo

Televideniye[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

Yil (lar) Nomi Rol Kanal Izohlar Manba (lar)
1998 Veronica's Closet Elena NBC Qism: "Veronica's Fun and Pirates Are Crazy" [36]
2002 Frasier Jen NBC Qism: "Kissing Cousin" [37]
2004 Cracking Up Heidi Fox Qism: "Birds Do It" [38]
2005 Once Upon a Mattress Lady Larken ABC Televizion film [37]
2005–2013 American Dad! Turli personajlarga ovoz bergan Fox 2 ta qism [39]
2006–2007 Weeds Kat Wheeler Showtime 4 ta qism [40]
2007 Tin Man DG Sci-Fi Channel Miniserial [41]
2008–2013 Simpsonlar Mary Spuckler (ovoz bergan) Fox 3 ta qism [42]
2009 Bones Margaret Whitesell Fox Qism: "The Goop on the Girl" [43]
2010 Funny or Die Presents Mary Todd Lincolta faslBO]] Sketch: "Drunk History Vol.5" [44]
2011–2018 New Girl Jessica Day Fox 7 ta fasl[45][46][47]
Rejissor ("House Hunt")
Shuningdek, produser va hamijrochi produser
2012 Saturday Night Live Koʻrsatuvni olib boruvchi NBC Qism: "Zooey Deschanel/Karmin" [49]
2016 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jessica Day Fox Qism: "The Night Shift" [50]
2017 Trolls Holiday Bridget (ovoz bergan) NBC Telemaxsus [51]
2021 The Celebrity Dating Game Koʻrsatuvni olib boruvchi ABC Televsion Series [52]

Diskografiyasi[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

She & Him[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

Studiya albomlari
  • 2008: Volume One[53]
  • 2010: Volume Two
  • 2011: A Very She and Him Christmas
  • 2013: Volume 3
  • «Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?» (2008-yil yanvar)
  • «Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas» (2009-yil dekabr)
  • «In the Sun» (2010-yil fevral)[54]
  • «Thieves» (2010-yil iyun)
  • «Never Wanted Your Love» (2013-yil mart)
  • 2009: «I Put A Spell On You» в «Sweetheart» (Starbucks' CD)
  • 2007: «When I Get To The Border»
  • 2009: «Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want»

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