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Foydalanuvchi harakatlari[tahrir]

Your input requested on the proposed #FreeBassel banner campaign[tahrir]

Community Wishlist Survey[tahrir]

Minglab munozara sahifalarini oʻchirish[tahrir]

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (December 2015)[tahrir]

Get involved in Wikipedia 15![tahrir]

Password Strength RFC[tahrir]

Happy Public Domain Day 2016![tahrir]


Wikimania 2016 Scholarships - Deadline soon![tahrir]

Mening otimdan ZOKIDIN2 accounti ochilgan.[tahrir]

2016 WMF Strategy consultation[tahrir]

Uzbek is missing[tahrir]


Ochilovning hatti-harakatlari[tahrir]


Completion suggestor[tahrir]

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (March 2016)[tahrir]

Open Call for Individual Engagement Grants[tahrir]

Server switch 2016[tahrir]

Wikipedia to the Moon[tahrir]


Hi. I can see that this project has old JavaScript that needs to be updated. I would happily make the required updates myself, but I would have to – at least temporarily – become an admin here to do that (because the relevant pages are in the MediaWiki namespace). I have already made these updates on a number of other projects, so it would be very easy for me to do this. If no one does anything, some JavaScript-related tools will break later this year. If you want me to make these updates, you can grant me admin rights and I will make the updates as soon as I can. Nirmos (munozara) 21:43, 8-Iyun 2016 (UTC)

Wikipedia to the Moon: voting has begun[tahrir]

Hello, after six weeks of community discussion about Wikipedia to the Moon, there are now 10 different proposals for content for the mission. Starting today, you can vote for them on Meta-Wiki, and decide what we will work on: a Wikipedia canon, different lists, the Moon in 300 languages, an astronomy editathon, featured articles, articles about technology, endangered things, or DNA-related topics. You can even vote against community involvement. Voting is open until 24 June. Sorry that this message is again in English only, but we are using village pumps to reach as many communities as possible, so that everyone knows they can vote. Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 15:31, 10-Iyun 2016 (UTC)