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Qisqa havola  VP:BSS 

Vikipediyada jonli foydalanuvchilardan tashqari botlar ham ishlaydi. Ular qoʻlda qilinishi koʻp vaqt talab etadigan bir turdagi tahrirlarni amalga oshirishadi. Bunday tahrirlarga intervikilar qoʻyish/oʻzgartirish, turkumlashtirish, bir tipdagi sahifalar yaratish kiradi.


Bot mansabi uchun soʻrovlar[tahrir]


Hello! I request bot flag and access to AWB to perform some actions by request Виталий Болбас via private conversation. He will tell more about task.

I have a bot flag in ruwiki, ruwikiquote, I made more than 200 thousand edits to the Foundation’s projects via a bot. Of course, flag and AWB access should be a temporary. Thanks and sorry for my English.—Iluvatar (munozara) 09:36, 27-Iyul 2019 (UTC)

There are a lot of articles marked with {{no iwiki}} template. Actually most of them are already connected to relevant Wikidata items, containing links to other wikis. Therefore there is no need to keep the template on these pages, as it contradicts to the actual situation. I would like to have this template removed from the pages where it is inappropriate. Unfortunately, I don't have enough resources and skills to do it by myself. Fortunately, Iluvatar kindly agreed to help me. 18:48, 28-Iyul 2019 (UTC)
Symbol support vote.svg RozimanВиталий Болбас (munozara) 18:48, 28-Iyul 2019 (UTC)
Symbol support vote.svg RozimanXusinboy Bekchanov (munozara) 03:35, 29-Iyul 2019 (UTC)
Symbol support vote.svg RozimanMalikxan (munozara) 16:26, 29-Iyul 2019 (UTC)