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@Nataev: Please change Turkum:Oʻzbekiston: Maʼlumot to Turkum:Oʻzbekiston maʼlumoti (the article is protected I can't even use HotCat)--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 21:03, 3-Avgust 2018 (UTC)

@PlanespotterA320: Oʻzbekiston maʼlumoti literally means The information of Uzbekistan, which doesn't entirely make sense. I don't like Oʻzbekiston: Maʼlumot (Uzbekistan: Information) either. We should come up with a better category. I like the categories listed here. Nataev munozara 06:54, 4-Avgust 2018 (UTC)
@Nataev: I thought it was weird too, but didn't want to make a major edit like changing the meaning without permission. How about Turkum:Oʻzbekistondagi maktablar‎? (For consistency with Turkum:Qirgʻizistondagi maktablar‎ and Turkum:Qozogʻistondagi maktablar.