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I apologize in advance that I am not very fluent in Uzbek - because of this, most of my work here is research related (such as finding old newspaper and magazines to use in article bibliographies as well as to find public domain photos), but I also do some work with the JWB tool (which allows semi-automated edits) to make minor editors to the O'zME articles that were added by a bot. I wound up an admin due to my work with historic photos (apparently the settings are configured such that only admins can add fair-use photos to this wiki). I strongly recommend using the wikipedia library card platform services if/once you are eligible.

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Good sources for photos[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

  • (may require a VPN to access, blocked in some countries)
  • (website frequently down and most photos are poor quality, but when it is functioning it is worth searching in)
  • RGAKFD (many photos low resolution, but some quality ones)
  • RIA Novosti (photos here tend to be good quality)
  • TASS(photo quality varies, but tends to be okay)
  • (photo quality varies)

UzSSR photographers[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

(Year of death is needed to calculate the copyright expiration dates for their photos)

  • Maks Penson (1893–1959)
  • Semyon Beznosov (1917–1978)
  • R. Shamsutdinov/Shamsiddinov (?–?) (TASS)
  • Aleksey Varfolomeev (?–?) (RIA Novosti)
  • Sh. Ibragimov (?–?) (TASS)
  • Grigoriy Pun (?–?) (TASS)
  • Alisher Avazov (?–?)(TASS)
  • Alisher Usmanov (?–?) (TASS)
  • G. Boyko (?–?) (TASS)
  • Isaak M. Glauberzon (?–?)
  • B. Mazur (?–?) (TASS)
  • Q. Roziqov (?–?) (UzTAG)
  • V. Leyzerovich (?–?) (UzTAG)
  • I. Madgazin

Kerakli maqolalar[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

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