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About the name of the article[tahrir]

I don´t know a word of azerbaiyani, so I´m going to write my opinion in English. I´m only just want to say that the name of the town in the native language, and the oficial too, is Pontedeume, not Puentedeume. The last one is the (dubidous) name in spanish. You must change the name of the article from Puentedeume to Pontedeume. Thanks in advance! --Xosé Antonio (talk) 00:05, 31 iyul 2012 (UTC)

I really beg your pardon! Instead of azerbaiyani, I´ve ment uzbequistani, sorry! --Xosé Antonio (talk) 00:07, 31 iyul 2012 (UTC)

Moved to Pontedeume. Abdulla munozara 05:38, 31 iyul 2012 (UTC)