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Template to show numbered subpages arranged ascendingly from 1 to maximum.

Usage[manbasini tahrirlash]


{{Numbered subpages}}

Full parameters

{{Numbered subpages

Parameters[manbasini tahrirlash]

You can use the |max= parameter to change the number of transcluded and linked subpages. Note that large numbers of subpages will cause problems with the server post-expand size limits.
To terminate the loop when a non-existing subpage is encountered.
To skip non-existing subpages.
To link, but not transclude missing subpages.
|missing=link and |preload=preload template
To use a preload template for missing pages links.
Boolean parameter to switch from default {{Portalning pastki sahifasi}} to {{Portal subpage inline}}. This is well suited for single-hook "Did you know" subpages.

Customization of {{Portalning pastki sahifasi}}[manbasini tahrirlash]

To customize box header template. By default, subpage /box-header of the portal is used.

Parameter |SPAN= is passed to {{Portalning pastki sahifasi}} as is. See Andoza:Box-header/doc for details.

Examples[manbasini tahrirlash]

This is an example of use of the template as it would be found on the "Selected quotes" sub-page that is a component of a portal created using the {{box portal skeleton}}. Simply placing the template on the page is all that is needed to show all selected quotes stored in sub-pages linked to it, however using the template as part of a fully formed description makes it easier for other editors to modify the page as needed.

== Instructions ==
# Add a new Selected quote to the next available subpage using {{tl|cquote}}.
# {{edit|Portal:{{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}|Update {{para|max}} to new total for its {{tnull|Random portal component}} on the portal page.}}
{{purge page}}

{{Numbered subpages}}

{{purge page}}

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