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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}
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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}
Date {{{date}}}
Edition {{{edition}}}
Category {{{category}}}
Draw {{{draw}}}
Prize money {{{prize_money}}}
Surface {{{surface}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Venue {{{venue}}}
Attendance {{{attendance}}}
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{{Infobox tennis tournament year|||
| logo=
| logo_size=
| logo_alt=
| logo_caption=
| date= 
| edition=
| category=
| draw=
| prize_money=
| surface=
| location=
| venue=
| attendance=

| champms= 
| champws= 
| champs= 
| champmd= 
| champwd= 
| champxd= 
| champd= 

| champbs= 
| champgs= 
| champbd= 
| champgd= 

| champml= 
| champwl= 
| champxl= 
| champsl= 

| champwcms= 
| champwcws= 
| champwcqs=  
| champwcs=
| champwcmd= 
| champwcwd= 
| champwcqd= 
| champwcd= 
| champqs= 

| champmt=
| champwt=

| champmos=
| champwos=
| champmod=
| champxod=
| champmis=
| champwis=
| champmid=
| champxid=

Basic: This is for Grand Slam, ATP or WTA tennis tournaments.


  • The | (not the letter l) after {{Infobox tennis tournament| should be filled with the year of the tournament. The | (not the letter l) after that contains the name of the tournament. In doubles tournaments, add a space, a slash and another space and then repeat the steps from the {{flagicon| through ]].
  • logo= Filename of logo image (leave out "File:")
  • logo_size= Width of logo in pixels (defaults to 250px)
  • logo_alt= Alt text for logo
  • logo_caption= Caption for logo
  • date= The date in which the tournament started, a dash, and the day that the tournament ended. Put these dates in '''bold'''.
  • edition= The edition of the tournament (the number of years from the original tournament through the year of the tournament)
  • category= Category of the tournament in ATP/WTA calendar
  • location= The venue where the tournament was held
  • champs ms, ws, md, wd, xd--these are the champions of the tournament. Theses fields should be filled in with {{flagicon| (not the letter l) and either the country or the country's 3-letter code that the player is from, followed by }}, a space, [[, the player's name and then ]].
  • Seniors:
    • champs= Field for generic Singles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champms= Field for Men's Singles champions
    • champws= Field for Women's Singles champions
    • champd= Field for generic Doubles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champmd = Field for Men's Doubles champions
    • champwd= Field for Women's Doubles champions
    • champxd= Field for Mixed Doubles champions
  • Wheelchair:
    • champwcs= Field for generic Wheelchair Singles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champwcms= Field for Wheelchair Men's Singles champions
    • champwcws= Field for Wheelchair Women's Singles champions
    • champwcqs= Field for Wheelchair Quad Singles champions
    • champqs= Field for Wheelchair Quad Singles champions in wheelchair only events
    • champwcd= Field for generic Doubles champions if being used for a non-mixed event
    • champwcmd= Field for Wheelchair Men's Doubles champions
    • champwcwd= Field for Wheelchair Women's Doubles champions
    • champwcqd= Field for Wheelchair Quad Doubles champions
    • champqd= Field for Wheelchair Quad Doubles champions in wheelchair only events
  • Juniors:
    • champbs= Field for Boys' Singles champions
    • champgs= Field for Girls' Singles champions
    • champbd= Field for Boys' Doubles champions
    • champgd= Field for Girls' Doubles champions
  • Legends:
    • champml= Field for Men's Legends/Invitational champions
    • champwl= Field for Women's Legends/Invitational champions
    • champxl= Field for Mixed Legends/Invitational champions (at Wimbledon, U.S. Open and Australian Open)
    • champsl= Field for Senior Legends/Invitational champions (i.e. +45 at French Open, Seniors at Wimbledon)
  • Team:
    • champmt= Field for Men's team champions
    • champwt= Field for Women's team champions
  • Outdoor/indoor:
    • champmos= Field for Men's outdoor singles champions
    • champwos= Field for Women's outdoor singles champions
    • champmod= Field for Men's outdoor doubles champions
    • champxod= Field for Mixed outdoor doubles champions
    • champmis= Field for Men's indoor singles champions
    • champwis= Field for Women's indoor singles champions
    • champmid= Field for Men's indoor doubles champions
    • champxid= Field for Mixed indoor doubles champions

Optional parameters to change name and year in links to other editions

| before_name=
| after_name=
| before_year=
| after_year=
| biannual=
| quadrennial=
| main_name=

These parameters change the default values in the grey field at the bottom of the template. By default, it is assumed that the edition before/after was in the year right before/after, and that each edition has the same name or possibly adds "(tennis)" for disambiguation as in US Open (tennis). Do not set any of these parameters to equal empty. Omit them if they are not needed.

  • before_name= name of the edition before (do not include year here)
  • after_name= name of the edition after (do not include year here)
  • before_year= year of the edition before (set before_year=no if the article is about the first edition, but this can be omitted if edition=1st is set exactly like that)
  • after_year= year of the edition after (set after_year=no if the article is about the final edition, but not if another edition is expected next year)
  • biannual= sets the years of the preceding (before_year) and succeeding (after_year) editions to be two years from the edition of the article.
  • quadrennial= sets the years of the preceding (before_year) and succeeding (after_year) editions to be four years from the edition of the article.
  • main_name= name of main article about the tournament (not the yearly editions). If the main article name includes a disambiguation suffix, use the {{!}} template to hide it using a piped link. Example:
| main_name= Heineken Open (tennis){{!}} Heineken Open

Years for defending champion links

| defchampbd_year=
| defchampbs_year=
| defchampd_year=
| defchampgd_year=
| defchampgs_year=
| defchampmd_year=
| defchampml_year=
| defchampms_year=
| defchampqd_year=
| defchampqs_year=
| defchamps_year=
| defchampsl_year=
| defchampwcd_year=
| defchampwcmd_year=
| defchampwcms_year=
| defchampwcqd_year=
| defchampwcqs_year=
| defchampwcs_year=
| defchampwcwd_year=
| defchampwcws_year=
| defchampwd_year=
| defchampwl_year=
| defchampws_year=
| defchampxd_year=
| defchampxl_year=

These parameters can be used to override the year used for the individual defending champion header links.

Optional parameters for multi-sport competitions

| multi=
| multiwc=

This parameter alters the header of the template. Set multi=yes to add "Tennis at the" to the header, e.g. "Tennis at the 1920 Summer Olympics". For wheelchair tennis at multi-sport competitions, set multiwc=yes.

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