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Andoza:Speedy deletion templates Andoza:Twinkle standard installation

This template is used to tag pages for speedy deletion under the speedy deletion criteria, specifically CSD G8. There is a separate template for each criterion – see the table to the right.

This template places the page into the categoryies Candidates for speedy deletion and Candidates for speedy deletion as dependent on a non-existent page.

Usage[manbasini tahrirlash]

The template should be placed at the top of the page to be deleted.

Parameters[manbasini tahrirlash]


This is the most basic form of the template.


Bot accounts will specify the |bot= parameter to notify the reviewing admin that the page was tagged by an automated process.



If the current date is passed to the template using five tildes, the template will incorporate a delay, and only list the page in Category:Candidates for speedy deletion after seven days. Consider doing this if the talk page has been recently edited, as there may be useful discussions ongoing there.

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