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Andoza:Category class

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  • {{Andoza:Cat class}}

Usage[manbasini tahrirlash]

{{Category class


{{Category class|topic=|class=|sort=|parent=}}

Notes[manbasini tahrirlash]

This template can be used to add a navigation bar to "assessment by topic" category pages that follow the naming convention "Category: class-Class topic articles" (e.g. Category:Start-Class history articles) in order to facilitate navigation between the various assessment class categories for that topic. By default, the template will also add the category to the parent categories "Topic articles by quality" (e.g. History articles by quality) and "class-Class articles" (e.g. Start-Class articles).

  • |topic=Unassessed - If the "Unassessed" category exists, the link will go to "Unassessed topic articles".
  • |class=Image/Category/Disambig/Portal/Redirect/Template/Project/NA/etc. - If the corresponding category exists, the link will go to "class-Class topic articles".
  • |parent=WikiProject "parent" articles by quality - If the parent category does not match the child categories defined in topic, then use this parameter. See Category:FA-Class school articles for an example of this usage.
  • |custom1=, |custom2= (optional) - allows for addition of custom classes such as the Audio-Class, for example |custom1=Audio

Tracking categories[manbasini tahrirlash]

The following tracking categories are being used for this template:

Purge page to update totals

See also[manbasini tahrirlash]

Standard class types
 FA   FL   FM   A 
{{class|FA}} {{class|FL}} {{class|FM}} {{class|A}}
 GA   B  C-Class article C  Start-Class article Start 
{{class|GA}} {{class|B}} {{class|C}} {{class|Start}}
Stub-Class article Stub  List-Class article List  Non-article page NA   ??? 
{{class|Stub}} {{class|List}} {{class|NA}} {{class|Unassessed}}
Non-standard class types
 Current   Deferred   Future   SIA 
{{class|Current}} {{class|Deferred}} {{class|Future}} {{class|SIA}}
 AL   BL   CL   SL 
{{class|AL}} {{class|BL}} {{class|CL}} {{class|SL}}
Category Category  Disambiguation page Disambig   Draft  File File 
{{class|Category}} {{class|Disambig}} {{class|Draft}} {{class|File}}
 Merge   Needed  Portal Portal  Project page Project 
{{class|Merge}} {{class|Needed}} {{class|Portal}} {{class|Project}}
Redirect Redirect  Template Template   User 
{{class|Redirect}} {{class|Template}} {{class|User}}
Importance types
 Top   High   Mid   Low 
{{Ahamiyatlilik|Top}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|High}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|Mid}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|Low}}
 Bottom   No   NA 
{{Ahamiyatlilik|Bottom}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|Related}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|No}} {{Ahamiyatlilik|NA}}
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