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Administratorlar forumiga xush kelibsiz!

Bu sahifa administratorlarga oid masalalarni muhokama qilish uchun moʻljallangan.[manbasini tahrirlash]

Apologize this message is written in English. Could anyone review the actions done by user Special:Contributions/ There are lots of strange creation which likely copy and paste from other site, as there is still some citation number inside articles. Also, some of them seems to have promotion problem. Thanks! Stang (munozara) 16:11, 23-Yanvar 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Hi, Stang! Thanks for notifying! Articles created by have been deleted. Malikxan munozara 21:10, 23-Yanvar 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Hi. Can someone please delete this page, as itʼs not in any mean a template, and give the creator a warning that their edits to that page were moved to Brend and they should continue editing there instead? Thanks a lot in advance. NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh (munozara) 21:18, 30-Iyun 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Hi, NguoiDungKhongDinhDanh. Thanks for letting us know.  Done. Malikxan munozara 23:25, 30-Iyun 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

desysop for PlanespotterA320[manbasini tahrirlash]

Hello sysops and bureaucrats,

I’m lemonaka from metawiki. I’m here asking for an emergency desysop for PlanespotterA320 on uz.wikipedia because this user has been found using a sockpuppet called RespectCE to cross-wiki abuse, after checking by CUs from English Wikipedia and meta wiki. The discussion of sockpuppetry could be found here I proposed that any other advanced permission or right should be removed as soon as possible.

The discussion of emergency desysop has been created on meta wiki, [1] this is a procedural notice for local community. We hope to hear your voice, thank you.

Lemonaka (munozara) 03:11, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)

Hi, Lemonaka. PlanespotterA320 has been making constructive edits on uzwiki. Moreover, I’ve not witnessed any misuse of administrator powers by this user. So I donʼt think we need to perform an emergency desysop for this user. Regards.
Malikxan munozara 10:53, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)
Also, as Nataev aka wrote on the relevant Meta page, our bureaucrats donʼt have the power to desysop admins.
Malikxan munozara 11:08, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)
Hi @Malikxan: sorry for making a misleading notification. The main problem of this issue is PlanespotterA320 using this account to make good edits, while using another account called RespectCE to troll on meta-Wiki and English Wikipedia. Taking this into consideration, is there any procedure for desysopping? Lemonaka (munozara) 13:35, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)
My RespectCE account wasnʼt trolling at all, but adding additional information (ex, authorship of copyrighted photos, new articles translated from other wikis, adding fair use photos, etc). On meta, I expressed concern that there are pro-Nazi userboxes widely used in Ukrainian Wikipedia, which you and other Ukrainians got really cranky about and proceeded to try to retaliate against me in every way you could. Everyone here on Uzwiki knows that neither of my accounts have ever trolled or vandalized here, but rather added lots of helpful contributions, such as categories, defaultsort, and adding fair-use photos. I know very well that you have made it your personal mission to have me fully banished from Wikipedia and undo all my work, but not everyone is you.--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 20:28, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)
You are still telling lies, even in your familiar community.
Using sock puppets to bypass the ban (at that time it was only a block, but you threat them with sockpuppetry and then it became a ban.) while cheating on the English wiki to get unblocked proves your dishonesty. Using examples of vandals to forge that there is widespread Nazi phenomenon in the Ukrainian wiki proves your immorality. But in any case, as a temporary translator of the meta-wiki, I can only tell the local community this information, I am powerless to take action on it. The user’s vandalism on the meta-wiki and related discussions can also be found on the user talk page of respectCE on here.
Itʼs up to the community to decide whether to reserve rights or remove them. Good luck to all of you and goodbye. Lemonaka (munozara) 21:26, 30-Oktabr 2022 (UTC)
Hereʼs a little update, the sock RespectCE and PlanespotterA320 has been blocked on commons today for sock puppetry and grossly insulting others. Dear other sysops and bureaucrats, please also take this into consideration. Lemonaka (munozara) 05:56, 2-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Insulting others? Did you SEE what the Ukrainian who didnʼt understand Ukrainian copyright law wrote on my talkpage? If that doesn;t constitute insults, my replies certainly didnʼt!--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 20:11, 2-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
If you are here to debate whether you insulted others all not, itʼs a wrong place. More PAs or ad hominem against other users without links will only prove your dishonesty. The sysops from wikicommons confirmed this. The reason of your block is c:Commons:Administrators'_noticeboard/Blocks_and_protections#Sockpuppetry here.
By the way, I have read the harass email you post to me. I;m a little pity on you, in fact. But direct threat from email should not be tolerated at all and I will take time to deal with it. Lemonaka (munozara) 00:25, 3-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
I never threatened you, now please stop lying about me!--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 16:39, 3-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Nope, anyone who saw the mail considered as threat or harass. I was really fucked off by you in fact, I said I will leave this case for others, but it seemed you are unstoppable, right? Lemonaka (munozara) 16:43, 3-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
I think you need to use a different machine translator Lemon, because I did not write anything that could reasonably be construed as a threat. I should have remembered that you are not a reasonable person. I was merely pleading my case. Declaring intention or desire to edit wikipedia in the future is NOT a threat. Please find yourself a dictionary.--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 16:49, 4-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
I have never used any machine translation, WTH you are talking? I really didnʼt feel like to cite some sentences from the emails you sent to me.
Leave me alone, I’m going to be mad about this. Thank you @Malikxan. I’d like to withdraw this case and take a long-time break. I’m really terribly stressed for this case. Mr/Mrs Plane, hereʼs my last advice for you. If you keep debating in such a terrible way, instead of talking about your on-wiki abuse, maybe one day you will really be banned globally. Lemonaka (munozara) 03:40, 5-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
@Lemonaka: The users with pro-Nazi userboxes were not universally blocked vandals, — many were active editors of the wiki. And even if nobody on ukwiki was using the userboxes, it would still be a problem, because those userboxes are a HUGE slap in the face to any Jewish, Roma, Krymchak, and other minority speakers of Ukrainian who want to be part of the wiki. The pointing out the popularity and use of such userboxes among many active (not blocked) users isnʼt trolling, itʼs legitimate concern. If they were a few rogue vandals I’m sue ukwiki would be happy to ban them all by now. As for enwikipedia, none of the edits I made there were bad edits, in fact they were very good — if they hadnʼt been made by me, they would still be up. An indef block and ban are different in name only. Enwiki undervalued and disregarded my ability to provide quality content and be a productive member of the wiki, and as such I sought to prove them wrong (hence I made little effort to hide that my new account was indeed me). And instead of being grateful for contributing good content in defficient areas, enwiki chose to self-destruct. I’m still a productive wikipedian here on uzwiki, currently sorting through and trying to clean up crappy machine translations pasted to uzwiki, adding fair-use photos of dead people (the whole reason I was nominated to be an admin in the first place). I have no dislike for Ukrainians in particular and the RfC I started on meta was not out of desire to smear the whole Ukrainian nation in a time of great pain, but to help purge a great blemish on ukwiki that went tolerated. I still find it very concerning that you are more upset at me for bringing up the existance of nazi sympathizers in ukwiki than you are that so many users utilized pro-nazi userboxes in the first place.--PlanespotterA320 (munozara) 15:10, 1-Noyabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
@Malikxan@Nataeva, Now this user is global locked. I have requested to withdraw this case in Nov 5 and requested a speedily close for a global ban RFC against this user not filled by me. I have shown all my kindness, please do not mention me any further about this case. Thank you. Lemonaka (munozara) 16:07, 5-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Gulxayo TDSHU[manbasini tahrirlash]

Gulxayo TDSHU has been rapidly creating articles that seem like machine translations. Some articles have been created multiple times under a slightly different title. Is a mass delete needed here? Styyx (munozara) 11:15, 4-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Good catch, Styyx! I’ve mass deleted all of her entries. They were all horrible machine translations. Nataev munozara 03:48, 6-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Nataev Can you check Kseniya Slavgorodskaya too? I’m not sure if itʼs machine translation or a weird way to cite sources. Styyx (munozara) 23:37, 21-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
All machine translations. I’ve deleted them and called on the user to refrain from relying entirely on Google Translate. Nataev munozara 07:21, 22-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Regarding cross-wiki harasser[manbasini tahrirlash]

Hello, apologies for posting in English. User Z-Mixail-V and Liberatorv are obvious sockpuppets harassing another user across both zhwiki and uzwiki. Both accounts have already been blocked on zhwiki, please check their behavior and determine whether to block them locally. I might file a global ban report if more than one other wiki than zhwiki decides to block the user. Thanks with regards, LuciferianThomas (munozara) 11:37, 18-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

I’ve reverted the article to its original original intro from 2015 and applied full protection due to the dispute. A few edit summaries hidden as well. Also deleted the user page of Allervous, which was created by Liberatorv and edited by Z-Mixail-V. I’m leaving the decision to block to a local admin. Styyx (munozara) 23:34, 21-Dekabr 2022 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Please block (munozarasi · hissasi) vandalism Sakura emad (munozara) 08:48, 23-Yanvar 2023 (UTC) Javob berish[javob berish]

 Blocked for 1 month.
Malikxan munozara 18:54, 23-Yanvar 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. Please block (munozarasi · hissasi) (vandalism). Thanks! --Johannnes89 (munozara) 18:04, 7-Fevral 2023 (UTC) Javob berish[javob berish]

Umarxon III tomonidan administrator huquqlarining suiisteʼmol qilinayotgani[manbasini tahrirlash]

Xayrli kun, doʻstlar! Administratorlarimizdan biri Umarxon III tomonidan qilingan bir nechta harakatlar administratorlik huquqini suiisteʼmol qilish hisoblanadi. Xususan, ushbu administrator foydalanuvchilarni asossiz bloklagan, oʻzi yon bosgan foydalanuvchiga asossiz huquq berib, oʻziga dushman qilib olgan foydalanuvchini taʼqib qilgan. Quyida bunday holatlarning ayrimlari bilan tanishishigniz mumkin.

  1. Umarxon III 2022-yilning 24-avgust kuni foydalanuvchi ITPRO.UZni asossiz, ogohlantirishsiz bloklagan. Oʻsha yilning 4-sentyabr kuni Kagansky bu asossiz blokni bekor qilgan.
  2. Bu administrator foydalanuvchi ShohjahonSobirovni taʼqib qila boshlagan. Xususan, Umarxon III mazkur foydalanuvchi va uning yonini bosganlarni Telegram guruhlarimizda taʼqib qilib keladi. Masalan, mana bu holatda. ShohjahonSobirovga Telegram orqali shaxsan yozib, qoʻpol muomala qilganini tasdiqlovchi dalillar ham bor menda. Bundan tashqari, „WikiStipendiya“ marafoni doirasida 2022-yilning 23-noyabridan 30-noyabriga qadar boʻlib oʻtgan „WikiOromgoh 2“ lagerida shaxsiy adovati boʻlgani uchun Umarxon III mazkur foydalanuvchi taqdirlanishiga qarshi chiqib, lager uyushtiruvchilari bilan janjallashgan.
  3. Umarxon III „WikiStipendiya“ marafoni davomida marafonning muayyan qatnashchisi, xususan Isaqova Gulasal Nodirjon qiziga (foydalanuvchi Finikchik) marafon qoidalariga zid ravishda yon bosishga uringan. Xususan, hakamlar hayʼati kelishib chiqargan qarorga zid ravishda ushbu foydalanuvchi toʻrtinchi emas, uchinchi oʻrinni olishi kerak, degan qarashni ilgari surib, hakamlar hayʼati qarorini oʻzgartirishga chorlagan. Bu holat haqida 2022-yilning 26-dekabrida Toshkent shahrida boʻlib oʻtgan taqdirlash marosimi kuni Umarxon IIIning oʻzi bilan ham, Finikchik bilan shaxsan suhbatlashib, xabar topgan edim. Qolaversa, hakamlar hayʼati aʼzolarining soʻzlariga koʻra, Umarxon III marafon qoidalariga zid ravishda Finikchik bilan individual tarzda muloqot qilganiga ishora qiluvchi dalillar bor. Xususan, marafon natijalari rasman eʼlon qilinishidan oldin Finikchikka ichki muhokamalar natijasi haqida marafon qoidalariga zid ravishda xabar bergan. Bunga Finikchik bilan shaxsan suhbatlashganimda shaxsan oʻzim ham amin boʻldim. Eng achinarlisi, Umarxon III ushbu foydalanuvchi yuqori uchtalikka kirishi haqida asossiz vaʼda bergan. Nihoyat, Umarxon III mazkur foydalanuvchiga shaxsan yordam berganini taxmin qilish uchun asos bor. Masalan, Umarxon III obsessiv darajada navbokslarni xush koʻrishini eʼtiborga olsak, marafon davomida aynan Finikchik bir necha navboks yaratgani shubhali (masalan, 1, 2 va 3). Shu oʻrinda Umarxon III Finikchik nomidan maqola yaratgani haqida ham shubha tugʻiladi. Bunday shubhani tekshirish uchun maxsus surishtiruv boshlash mumkin boʻladi.
  4. Nihoyat, 2023-yilning 31-mart kuni Umarxon III oʻzining „sevimli“ foydalanuvchisi — Finikchikka Vikipediya mezonlariga zid ravishda, konsensussiz bir vaqtning oʻzida eski holiga qaytaruvchi va oʻchiruvchi huquqlarini bergan. Oʻsha yilning 8-aprel kuni esa hech bir izohsiz mazkur foydalanuvchiga berilgan huquqlarni bekor qilgan.

Bu harakatlarning oʻzi Umarxon IIIni administrator huquqidan mahrum qilish uchun yetarli asos boʻla oladi. Boshqa foydalanuvchilarni, xususan, rasmiyatchilar (Abdulla va Malikxan) hamda administratorlarni (Amir. Temur, Artemev Nikolay, Casual, Gayrat98, Jamshid Nurkulov, Kagansky, Laziz Baxtiyorov, MirzoUlugʻbek, Muxriddin Azimov, Nataeva, Ximik1991 va Xusinboy Bekchanov) bu borada fikr bildirishga chorlayman. Hurmat ila, Nataev munozara 13:12, 15-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Fikringizni izhor qilayotib {{Roziman}}, {{Qarshiman}} yoki {{Izoh}} andozalaridan foydalanishingiz mumkin. Nataev munozara 14:13, 15-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Izohlar[manbasini tahrirlash]

  • Umarxon III Meni bloklash sababini o‘shanda yolg‘on maʼlumot kiritish deb butun umrga bloklagan edi. Vaholanki men hech qanday yolg‘on maʼlumot kiritmaganman. Shunchaki {{delete}} andozasini qo‘yib o‘chirish uchun nomzod sifatida bergan edim. Bu Umarxon III tomonidan administrator huquqlarini yaqqol suiisteʼmol qilish deb hisoblayman. O‘shanda odamgarchilik yuzasidan Metaga ariza bermagan edim.
Bundan tashqari, yana bir narsaga eʼtiboringiz qaratmoqchiman.
Bu administrator konsensusga binoan o‘chirilgan maqolani o‘zdan-o‘zi tiklab qo‘ygan edi. Undan buni sababini so‘raganimda bu maqolaga tegmang iltimos deb javob bergan. Men bu foydalanuvchini administrator huquqidan mahrum qilinishi yoki keskin chora ko‘rilishi tarafdoriman. --ITPRO.UZ (munozara) 15:33, 15-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Yuqorida yozilgan barcha ayblovlar dalillar bilan keltirilgan. Umarxon IIIni inson sifatida juda hurmat qilaman lekin qoidalarga amal qilgan holda uning administratorlik huquqlari olib qoʻyilishini toʻgʻri ish deb bilaman. Administratorlik huquqining suiisteʼmol qilingani oʻz isbotini topgan. Jamshid Nurqul (munozara) 21:21, 15-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Barchaga salom doʻstlar! Umarxon III hayotda judayam ajoyib insondir. Hozirda u bilan birgalikda WikiOromgohning 3-mavsumidamiz. Bir joyda oʻtiribmiz. Yuqoridagi gaplarni Umarxon IIIga koʻrsatganimda va bu gaplarning necha foizi toʻgʻriligini soʻrganimda, u deyarli 100% deb javob berdi. Umarxon IIIning oldida oʻziga koʻrsatgan holda  Roziman, deb ovoz beraman. — Kagansky (munozarasi) 00:19, 16-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • ITPRO.UZni bloklaganining ertasi, yaʼni 2022-yilning 25-avgust kuni foydalanuvchi Panda Dni ogohlantirishsiz, oshiqcha cheklovlar bilan (bir hafta muddatga va hatto oʻz munozara sahifasini tahirlay olmaydigan qilib) bloklagan. Bu blokni oʻsha kuni Malikxan „Ogohlantirmasdan bloklamaslik kerak“ izohi bilan bekor qilgan. Shu va yuqoridagi maʼlumotlardan kelib chiqqan holda  Roziman deb ayta olaman Laziz Baxtiyorov (munozara) 03:49, 16-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Men Umarxonni vikipediyaga qoʻshgan hissalarini ulkanligini koʻp marotaba taʼkidlab kelaman va bugungi kunda ham bu fikrimdan qaytmayman. Biroq bizning qoʻshayotgan hissamiz vikipediyani sevishimiz oʻz huquqimizni suiisteʼmol qilishimizga olib kelmasligi zarurligini Umarxonga shaxsan men bir necha marotaba aytganman. Umarxon asossiz bloklab qoʻygan foydalanuvchilar menga messenjer orqali muroojat qilganida ham ularni tinchlantirishga urunganligim aksari adminlarga maʼlum. Bundan tashqari wikioromgohning 2-mavsumida ham foydalanuvchi Shohjahon Sobirovga nisbatan qilgan noʻjoʻya harakatlari va vikiadminlar foydalanuvchiga nisbatan adolatli boʻlishi kerakligini uqtirganman. Ammo ushbu admin oʻz hissiyotlariga berilib ushbu foydalanuvchini pisand qilmadi. Unga nisbatan dushmanlik kayfiyatida boʻldi. Bular ham mayliga biroq soʻnggi kunlarda bir qancha foydalanuvchilarga hech bir munozarasiz xulosa chiqarivchi va oʻz xoliga qaytaruvchi kabi statuslarni berib yuborgan. Eng qizigʻi ushbu foydalanuvchilar oʻzlarida bunday maqom borligini ham sezishmagan.MirzoUlugʻBek 09:16, 16-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Umarxon III tajribali foydalanuvchi va ajoyib inson! Lekin, uning yoʻl qoʻygan xatolarini hisobga olgan holda administratorlik huquqidan mahrum qilish tarafdoriman. Uning katta tajribasini hisobga olgan holda xulosa chiqarvchi sifatida oʻz faoliyatini davom ettirishini taklif etaman. — Artemev Nikolay (munozara) 05:56, 17-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Umarxon III Oʻzbekcha Vikipediyaning zabardast administratorlaridan biri. Inson sifatida men ham juda hurmat qilaman. Afsuski, Umarxon III yuqoridagi harakatlarni haqiqatdan ham ongli ravishda bajargan. Shuning uchun men ham Umarxon III dan administratorlik huquqi olinishiga  Roziman. Lekin bunday tajribali foydalanuvchini barcha huquqlardan birdaniga mahrum etishni nooʻrin deb hisoblayman. Artemev Nikolayning fikrlariga qoʻshilgan holda, Umarxon III dan Adminstratorlik huquqi olib qoʻyilsada, Xulosa chiqaruvchi statusi qoldirilishi tarafdoriman. — Muxriddin Azimov (munozara) 19:58, 17-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Muxriddin Azimov fikriga 100% qoʻshilgan holda  Roziman. — Amir. Temur (munozara) 04:24, 19-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  • Bildirilgan izohlar uchun barchaga rahmat. Shu oʻrinda Umarxon III Finikchik nomidan maqola yaratgani haqida ham shubha tugʻiladi degan iddao mutlaqo xato. Qolgan barchasini tan olaman va kelajakda takrorlamaslikka vaʼda beraman. Muxriddin Azimov va Nikolay Artemevning fikrlarini inobatga olib, xulosa chiqaruvchi maqomida saqlab qolishingizni soʻrayman. — Umarjon Rahimov (munozara) 07:32, 23-Aprel 2023 (UTC).Javob berish[javob berish]

Natija[manbasini tahrirlash]

Metada yozdim. Nataev munozara 09:10, 26-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

 Bajarildi. Umarxon III, xulosa chiqaruvchi huquqini olmoqchi boʻlsangiz, alohida ovoz berilishi kerak boʻladi. Bundan nari qoidalarni buzmaysiz deb umid qilamiz. Nataev munozara 02:34, 27-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Block &[manbasini tahrirlash]

Oxirgi ogohlantirishdan keyin vandalizm. Leonidlednev (munozara) 20:53, 20-Aprel 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Global ban proposal for Piermark/House of Yahweh/HoY[manbasini tahrirlash]

Apologies for writing in English. If this is not the proper place to post, please move it somewhere more appropriate. Please help translate to your language There is an on-going discussion about a proposal that Piermark/House of Yahweh/HoY be globally banned from editing all Wikimedia projects. You are invited to participate at Requests for comment/Global ban for Piermark on Meta-Wiki. Rahmat! U.T. (munozara) 12:36, 4-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Please block[manbasini tahrirlash]

Sorry for reporting this in English, these IPs are open proxy and are also abused by user:planespotterA320.

Per global policy, any contributions made by a banned individual, directly or indirectly, may be reverted or removed as part of ban implementation.

Thank you.--Lemonaka (munozara) 03:32, 29-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

  • Support block has been vandalising my talk page (Foydalanuvchi munozarasi:Nederlandse Leeuw) in order to defend edits made on English Wikipedia before their account user:planespotterA320 was globally permanently banned, and in order to attack Lemonaka. I have never interacted with banned user:planespotterA320/ before. I have no desire to interact with user:planespotterA320/ I do not want my talk page to be abused by user:planespotterA320/ I support Lemonaka's request to have blocked. Thank you, Nederlandse Leeuw (munozara) 07:44, 29-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Already blocked globally by Vermont.
Malikxan munozara 14:39, 29-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Please delete that talk page if possible, they are just rants and wall of text. They are using other's talk page as a battle field. Lemonaka (munozara) 00:44, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Malikxan munozara 08:47, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Great, thanks. Lemonaka (munozara) 12:20, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
@Malikxan user:planespotterA320 seems to be using a new IP address,, to attack Lemonaka again on my talk page. Could you please block as well, and delete my talk page again? Thanks! Nederlandse Leeuw (munozara) 16:43, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Malikxan munozara 17:10, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Thanks! Nederlandse Leeuw (munozara) 17:20, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
Thanks. It's really sad to find that previously trusted sysop become a vandal. Lemonaka (munozara) 20:16, 30-May 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

PlanespotterA320, again[manbasini tahrirlash]

They are on (munozarasi · hissasi) now, anyone wants to block them as open proxy? Lemonaka (munozara) 18:42, 26-Iyun 2023 (UTC) Javob berish[javob berish]

Please block[manbasini tahrirlash]

Apologies for writing in English. (munozarasi · hissasi) is edit-warring in Kommunizm, changing the names so that the links do no longer work. Count Count (munozara) 11:48, 6-Avgust 2023 (UTC) Javob berish[javob berish]

WeekieHogwarts oromgohi[manbasini tahrirlash]

Xayrli kun! „WikiStipendiya“ doirasida uyushtirlayotgan navbatdagi oromgohda (izohlanmagan sababalarga koʻra "WeekieHogwarts" nomi berilgan) uyushtiruvchilar qiziqqanlarga juda koʻp narsani vaʼda qilishdi. Xususan,

🔥“WeekieHogwarts” oromgohiga qabul boshlandi!
📝Do‘stlar, kuz fasli uchun qator yangi loyihalar tayyorlangani haqidagi xabar yodingizdami?
Ana shu loyihalarimizdan biri — “WeekieHogwarts” oromgohi uchun qabul boshlandi!
🏕 Shu yilning 25-sentyabr — 1-oktyabr kunlari mazkur loyihada qatnashish orqali siz bir qator imkoniyatlarni qo‘lga kiritishingiz mumkin.

Uyushtiruvchilar oromgohda ishtirok etishni xohlagan shaxslardan nomzod boʻlish uchun kamida 15 ta maqola (!) yaratishni talab qilishgan. Yaʼni, vikini umuman bilmaydigan minglab odamga 15 tadan maqola yaratish talabi qoʻyilgan. Mantiq boʻyicha yangi vikichilarga avval trening oʻtiladi, keyin maqola yaratish talab qilinadi. Yaʼni, oʻta ahmoqona taklif boʻlgan.

Natijani hammamiz koʻrib turibmiz – uzwiki tarixida kuzatilmagan koʻlamda axlat va avtomat tarjima maqola yaratilmoqda. Ular orasida „Tarix sanalarida go'zallik“ deb nomlangan „maqoladan“ tortib, Julyan Stone „Julyan tosh“ oʻlaroq oʻgirilgan „maqolalar“ bor. Uyushtiruvchilar soʻzlariga koʻra, qabul 20-sentyabr kuni 23:59 da tugaydi. Bu bilan axlat oqimi toʻxtashini kutsak boʻladi.

Lekin yaratilgan AT va axlat maqolalarni koʻrib chiqishdek ulkan ish oldimizda turibdi. Bu holat oddiy holat boʻlmagani uchun odatdagidek maqolani oʻchirish haqida muhokama qilib oʻtirmay, AT kuzatilgan va qoida va koʻrsatmalarga mos kelmaydigan maqolalarni odatiy qadamlarni chetlab oʻtgan holda oʻchirib yuborishni taklif qilaman. Shuningdek, ish osonroq boʻlishi uchun kamida ikki maqolasida jiddiy AT kuzatilgan foydalanuvchilarning barcha maqolalarini oʻchirib yuborishni ham taklif qilaman.

Yaratilayotgan axlat maqolalarni yangi sahifalar sahifasida hamda Fountainda (1 va 2) koʻrish mumimkin. „WikiStipendiya“ doirasida Yoshlar ishlari agentligi bilan shartnoma imzolagan foydalanuvchilarimiz ham bor. Aynan mana shu foydalanuvchilar hamda agentlik xodimlari maqolalarni koʻrib chiqishda yaqindan koʻmak berishsa adolatdan boʻladi. Nataev munozara 18:41, 20-Sentyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

  • Faqatgina axlat maqolalar oʻchirilishiga  Roziman. Soʻnggi xatboshida aytilgan gaplarni qoʻllab-quvvatlayman. Ushbu "gemorroy"dan iz qolgani yaxshi ish boʻldi. — Kagansky munozara 19:08, 20-Sentyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  •  Roziman faqatgina maqolalarida tuzatib boʻlmas avtomat tarjima alomati yaqqol sezilganda ogohlantirishsiz va ommaviy oʻchirilishiga. Lekin biroz epaqaga keltirish mumkin boʻlgan holatlarda foydalanuvchini ogohlantirib, unga imkon berilishi tarafdoriman. Zero yangi qoʻshilganlarning ayrimlari garchi boshlanishiga juda yomon maqola yaratgan boʻlsalar-da keyinchalik yaxshi tomonga siljish qilishga muvaffaq boʻlishgan. PanPanChik #yozish 21:12, 20-Sentyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]
  •  Roziman Haddan ortiq AT maqolalar kiritilayotgan sharoitda shu kabi kesin choralar koʻrilishiga roziman. Bunda maqolalarning umumiy holati ham inobatga olinishi, tuzatsa boʻladigan xatoliklari: faqatgina tinish belgilari, vikifikator bilan xatoliklar boʻlsa muallif ogohlantirilishi va maqolalarini tuzatishi uchun imkon berilishi tarafdori ekanligimni ham eslatib oʻtmoqchiman. Laziz Baxtiyorov (munozara) 01:03, 21-Sentyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Natija[manbasini tahrirlash]

Kelishdik. Shunday yoʻl tutildi va yaratlgan maqolalar imkon qadar faol adminlarimiz tomonidan koʻrib chiqildi. Hammaga rahmat! Nataev munozara 16:54, 23-Sentyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Please block IP[manbasini tahrirlash]

@2409:40e2:1000:cf74:341b:b7cb:4596:4f90: please block him/her because of vandalism --Tmv (munozara) 14:05, 2-Oktyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]

Already blocked globally by Mykola7.
Malikxan munozara 15:28, 2-Oktyabr 2023 (UTC)Javob berish[javob berish]