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Qiymat is a platform for buying, selling and merging businesses, startups, products or technologies.

How it works?

· List your startup.

· Find potential buyers or merger partners.

· Close deal.

That’s it!

You have a viable product/company and are on the lookout for potential buyers and merger partners. Behold Qiymat; the platform that helps you realise the true worth of your efforts.

Businesses especially startups are formed with the explicit intention of being bought out. However, challenge for such startups is that the founders are unable to connect with genuine buyers. On the other hand, founders may not realise that there exist unique avenues that other merger partners may open.

Qiymat is an India based startup designed to help young entrepreneurs deal with these very challenges, serving as a link between startups and interested parties wanting to buy/merge the product, technology and/or even the workforce.

Customizing the sales/merger cycle

The idea behind Qiymat is simple; mediating the deals between startups and those wishing to purchase them or to merge their own startups with them. Entrepreneurs simply list their company or product with basic details. After listing the platform begins to look for a suitable buyer/merger partner through its network. In addition to their database, Qiymat also hosts a variety of social channels to help create more buzz and exposure.

Qiymat takes care of the important but generic sales/merger process thereby allowing the startups to focus on their expansion and growth. Signing up for the Qiymat’s services is free. Qiymat neither charges sellers nor buyers/merger partners even over completed deals.

As part of the registration process, representatives of Qiymat talk to startup teams and try to persuade them to talk openly. Team Qiymat also tries and analyses what it is that their product or service is missing in order for them to land a deal with the kind of conditions they’re looking for. At the same time team Qiymat looks for potential companies and organizations seeking teams and products with certain kinds of solutions for sale/merger. Qiymat then mixes and matches looking for the right fit between talent and need.