Marcel Proust

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Marcel Proust

Proust, 1900-yil
Asl ismi Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust
Tugʻilishi 1871-yil 10-iyul
Auteuil, Fransiya
Vafoti 1922-yil 18-noyabr
Parij, Fransiya
  • Yozuvchi
  • tanqidchi
Ota-onasi Adrien achile proust
Jeanne Clémence Weil
Millati Fransiyalik
Marcel Proust signature.svg

Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust (Inglizcha: /pruːst/;[1] Fransuzcha: [maʁsɛl pʁust]; 10-iyul 1871 – 18-noyabr 1922), shuningdek Marcel Proust nomi bilan ham tanilgan mashhur Fransuz yozuvchisi va tanqidchisi.[2][3]



  • La Bible d'Amiens (John Ruskin qalamiga mansub The Bible of Amiens) (1896)
  • Sésame et les lys: des trésors des rois, des jardins des reines (John Ruskin qalamiga mansub Sesame and Lilies) (1906)


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