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Ben Affleck

Affleck San Diego Comic-Con (2017) da
Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt

15-avgust 1972-yil (1972-08-15) (51 yosh)
Fuqaroligi AQSH bayrogʻi AQSh
  • Aktyor
  • kinorejissyor
  • kinoprodyuser
  • ssenariynavis
Faoliyat yillari 1981—hozirgacha
Turmush oʻrtogʻi
Bolalari 3

Benjamin Géza Affleck[1][2] (talaffuzi: Benjamin Geza Afflek; 1972-yil 15-avgustda tugʻilgan) amerikalik aktyor va kinorejissyordir.

Filmografiyasi[tahrir | manbasini tahrirlash]

Yil Film Rol Izohlar Mnb
1981 Dark End of the Street, TheThe Dark End of the Street Nomaʼlum [3]
1992 School Ties Chesty Smith [4]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Basketball Player 10 [5]
1993 I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook,
and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney
N/A Qisqa hajmli film [6]
Dazed and Confused Fred O'Bannion [7]
1995 Mallrats Shannon Hamilton [8]
Glory Daze Jack Freeman [9]
1997 Chasing Amy Holden McNeil [10]
Going All the Way Gunner Casselman [11]
Good Will Hunting Chuckie Sullivan Also writer [12]
1998 Shakespeare in Love Ned Alleyn [13]
Phantoms Sheriff Bryce Hammond [14]
Armageddon A. J. Frost [15]
1999 Dogma Bartleby [16]
Forces of Nature Ben Holmes [17]
200 Cigarettes Bartender [18]
2000 Bounce Buddy Amaral [19]
Reindeer Games Rudy Duncan [20]
Boiler Room Jim Young [21]
Joseph: King of Dreams Joseph (ovoz bergan) [22]
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Oʻzi / Holden McNeil [23]
Daddy and Them Lawrence Bowen [24]
Pearl Harbor Rafe McCawley [25]
2002 Stolen Summer N/A Prodyuser [26]
Changing Lanes Gavin Banek [27]
Sum of All Fears, TheThe Sum of All Fears Jack Ryan [28]
The Third Wheel Michael Ijrochi prodyuser [29]
Speakeasy N/A Ijrochi prodyuser [30]
2003 The Battle of Shaker Heights N/A Ijrochi prodyuser [31]
Daredevil Matt Murdock / Daredevil [32]
Gigli Larry Gigli [33]
Paycheck Michael Jennings [34]
2004 Surviving Christmas Drew Latham [35]
Jersey Girl Ollie Trinke [36]
2005 Elektra Matt Murdock / Daredevil [37]
Feast N/A Ijrochi prodyuser [38]
2006 Man About Town Jack Giamoro [39]
Clerks II Gawking Guy Kameo [40]
Hollywoodland George Reeves [41]
Smokin' Aces Jack Dupree [42]
2007 Gone Baby Gone N/A Rejissyor va ssenariynavis [43]
2008 Gimme Shelter N/A Hujjatli film [44]
2009 Heʼs Just Not That Into You Neil [45]
State of Play Stephen Collins [46]
Extract Dean [47]
2010 Town, TheThe Town Douglas "Doug" MacRay Rejissyor va ssenariynavis [48]
2011 Company Men, TheThe Company Men Bobby Walker [49]
2012 Argo Tony Mendez Rejissyor va prodyuser [50]
To the Wonder Neil [51]
2013 Runner Runner Ivan Block [52]
2014 Gone Girl Nick Dunne [53]
2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Bruce Wayne / Batman [54]
2016 Suicide Squad [55]
The Accountant Christian Wolff [56]
Live by Night Joe Coughlin Rejissyor, ssenariynavis va prodyuser [58]
2017 Bending the Arc N/A Hujjatli film [59]
Justice League Bruce Wayne / Batman Ijrochi prodyuser [60]
2019 Triple Frontier Tom "Redfly" Davis [61]
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Holden McNeil Kameo [62]
2020 The Last Thing He Wanted Treat Morrison [63]
The Way Back Jack Cunningham [64]
2021 Zack Snyder's Justice League Bruce Wayne / Batman Ijrochi prodyuser [65]
The Last Duel Peter II Ssenariynavis va prodyuser [66]
The Tender Bar Charlie amaki [67]
2022 Deep Water Vic Van Allen [68]
Jennifer Lopez: Halftime Oʻzi Hujjatli film [69]
Clerks III Gawking Guy Kameo [70]
2023 The Flash dagger Bruce Wayne / Batman Post-production [71]
TBA Hypnotic dagger TBA Post-production [72]
TBA Air Jordan dagger Phil Knight Rejissyor, prodyuser va ssenariynavis [73]

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