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Usage[manbasini tahrirlash]

Using {{Hatnote|text}} formats text into the standard stylistic for a Wikipedia hatnote. That produces a short note placed at the top of an article to provide disambiguation of closely related terms or summarise a topic, explaining its boundaries.

Usage and purpose[manbasini tahrirlash]

This template is primarily used to add a correctly formatted hatnote to a page. Often, but not always, this is a disambiguation link at the top of article pages. It places an HTML div- / div block around the text entered as its only argument, which provides standardized formatting (contents are indented and italicized in most displays); it also isolates the contained code to make sure that it is interpreted correctly.

This template is also used as the "meta-template" for additional specialized disambiguation link templates; see Wikipedia:Otheruses templates (example usage) for a list.

The template does not automatically create links of any kind. Links and other desired formatting must be explicitly added, using normal Wikipedia markup.

Template contents[manbasini tahrirlash]

<div class="dablink"></div>

Andoza:Hatnote templates documentation

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