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Andoza:Aniq manba kerak

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[aniq manba kerak]

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This template is an alternative to {{Citation needed}}, for the cases where a reference is alluded to, or given in part, but not specified in enough detail. The factuality may or may not be in question; this template is just about the completeness of the citation.

For an article with numerous partial citations, consider instead the banner template {{Full citations needed}}.

{{Aniq manba kerak|date=Iyul 2024}}

The template should be placed outside <ref>...</ref> tags.

  • Nixon resigned August 9, 1974.<ref>''The New York Times''</ref>{{Aniq manba kerak|date=Iyul 2024}}
    Result: Nixon resigned August 9, 1974.[1][aniq manba kerak]


  1. The New York Times

This template places the article into Category:Articles needing more detailed references or a dated subcategory thereof.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopædic content.

Template data

[manbasini tahrirlash]
Bu TemplateData TemplateWizard, VisualEditor va boshqa vositalar uchun ishlab chiqilgan.

Aniq manba kerak uchun TemplateData

This inline template is used where a reference is alluded to, or given in part, but not specified in enough detail to identify it.

Andoza parametrlari[„TemplateData“ni boshqarish]

Month and yeardate

Provides the month and year; e.g., 'January 2013', but not 'jan13'


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